According to UNESCO, 61 million primary school-age children were not enrolled in school in 2010. Of these children, 47% were never expected to enter school, 26% attended school but left, and the remaining 27% are expected to attend school in the future.

It is our dream to remove obstacles that keep children from quality education while creating experiences that inspire learning.



Did you know that in developing, low-income countries, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10%.

It is our desire to promote the power of literacy both locally and globally as a means to combat poverty and societal ills.



According to UNESCO, children of educated mothers are more likely to be vaccinated and less likely to be stunted because of malnourishment. In short, education makes the world a healthier and better place.

It is our hope to improve lives by giving people the knowledge and skills they need to keep learning, keep growing and keep getting educated.